Membership in the Ancient Keltic Church is open to everyone, regardless of ethnic group, previous religious affiliation, gender or sexual orientation. Anyone may attend its public festivals and classes and may be considered for invitation to any of its smaller, more informal circles. We are not a large organization, so there is ample opportunity for everyone to get to know one another and be an active participant in circles and other functions.

There is also an opportunity to join one of the many groups that the Ancient Keltic Church sponsors. The leaders and members of these groups often attend church functions and can be approached freely. However, these groups, due to space and time considerations, are selective. Acceptance is not guaranteed and often a waiting period is required. The length of this waiting period will vary from group to group. Always, the best course of action is to ask questions.

The Ancient Keltic Church has an intiate priesthood which teaches students and runs circles. Membership in this priesthood requires a great deal of time, effort and dedication and is not for everyone. A course of study is undertaken to fully acquaint the student with the tradition and teach the kind of magical skills necessary for working within a circle. Initiate training involves a very personal relationship between student and teacher and is individually tailored to each student's needs and personal history. Candidates for initiation are chosen with considerable care and many factors, particularly their sincerity and desire to work and study, are taken into account. The training can take as much as two years and requires a great deal of time and effort on the part of both student and teacher. Therefore, it is not entered into lightly.

The Roebuck tradition stresses personal responsibility and initiative. A member of the Ancient Keltic Church is as involved as he or she makes the effort to be. The working priesthood of the Church, in addition to their jobs, families and personal lives, have done their best to provide services and functions for the public and the Pagan community. It is up to the members of the Church to attend festivals regularly, ask questions and offer help and encouragement whenever possible to those who have put together the event. Those members who have made the effort to participate fully in church events will be more likely to be the ones considered for initiate training should such training be requested.