The Spiral Staircase

The Roebuck Pathway to Orientation and Initiation


For those who wish to become familiar with our training and modes of working, we offer a series of workshops designed for the student seeking membership in the Ancient Keltic Church.

Step 1: Trance State Induction
In this step the student learns to access the rich resources of the subconscious mind by entering a self-hypnotic state. The history, uses and methods of trance in the craft are covered. Be it noted: illegal substances are not used.

Step 2: Building an Astral Temple
Each traveller on the plane of the imagination needs a safe haven for rest and orientation. Using hypnotic techniques from Step 1, the student sets up a home base in the Astral.

Step 3: Techniques of Invocation
Invocations are a necessary part before, during and after a ritual. They are used both for the opening and closing ceremonies of a circle, and for bringing the power of the gods to and/or into another member of the circle.

Step 4: Journey to the Eastern Quarter
This is the first of seven scheduled inner-plane journeys. The student is led by guided meditation from the previously-set astral temple to safely visit the gods in their aspect of Fire. The student visits the Goddess as Brigit and Lugh, the fire-warrior.

Step 5: Journey to the Southern Quarter
The element of Earth is attributed to the Southern quarter in this tradition. Here can be found Niamh, golden-haired earth mother; and Cernnunos of the animals, god of wine, revelry and song.

Step 6: Journey to the Western Quarter
The west coast of California, like the west coast of Britain, faces the wide ocean; thus we address the element of water there. The student visits Cerridwen, queen of the Cauldron of Inspiration and Nodens, lord of wisdom and the sea.

Step 7: Journey to the Northern Quarter
Air is symbolized by the cold North wind. The castle of the North is peopled by Tautes, the Gaulish god of age and wisdom and the Morrigan, the battle-queen of the ancient Irish.

Step 8: Journey to the Spiral Castle
In three dimensions, the directions of up and down are viable options. This hypnotic journey leads above to the Spiral Castle to meet Goda, the White Goddess and queen of the gods.

Step 9: Journey to the Forge of Old Tubal
Deep in the hot interior of the Earth beneath our feet, creation is forged into all its forms. Here the student will meet Tubal Cain and watch him work in the smithy of the gods.

Step 10: The Black Goddess
The last of the required astral journeys leads to the source of all wisdom, and into the dark corners of the student's own soul.

Thus ends the orientation to the gods and ritual practices of the Roebuck Tradition. With these journeys, and in the course of moons and festivals in between, the student will have been introduced to our guardians and ways, and will be, we hope, comfortable with our rites and circles.


In order to become a initiate, the following steps must also be mastered. They include some of the prime skills necessary for becoming a priest or priestess of the Roebuck Tradition. Successful completion of these steps qualifies the student to apply for initiation into the Ancient Keltic Church.

Step 11: Planning and Running a Ritual
Having no codified scripts, the circle plans each ritual separately as the season and circumstances dictate. Here the student will, using the knowledge gained in the previous lessons, devise and execute a rite according to the methodologies he or she has previously observed. Help is available from the priesthood, but the student is wholly responsible for all the steps involved in successfully "delivering the goods" for the assembled.

Step 12: God or Goddess Contact
Under proper supervision, the student calls one of the gods and recieves a message from him or her. Emphasis is on "talking" to the gods and bringing through the message clearly and with as little interpretation as possible.

Step 13: God or Goddess Possession
Within a protected circle, the student invites one of the gods into the circle to speak through the student. Emphasis is on "subletting" the physical form and allowing the god or goddess free reign to speak to the assembled members of the circle.

Some students have more background in occult subjects than others and the degree of prior training will determine in part how rapidly an individual student will progress. Each step can take anywhere from an evening to a month to complete. Since each student is trained individually, there is no set timetable. Each step will be offered when those doing the training decide the student is ready for it. Therefore, each student competes with no one but him or herself and will finish all the steps at his or her own pace.