Guardians of the Center

The White Goddess of love and death, her face half white, and half black. She is Mother Nature, kind and cruel, merciful and ruthless, wild and untamed, following no law but her own. She brings both fertility and death, mating and killing, and is the goddess of change and transformation. She is also the goddess of the earth, moon and sea as well as the mother of all elements. All goddesses can be seen in her for she contains them all. She comes neither clothed or naked, neither on foot nor on horseback, neither fasting or feasting, neither attended or alone. She appears clothed in a net, with a raven flying overhead, and a hare running before her. She is wrapped in a net and rides on a goat.

Tubal Cain

The all-father, the god of time and all material things. He is the blacksmith god who takes the raw material of th earth and fashions it into either constructive, beautiful things that make life better or into instruments of death and dismemberment. He is the magician, the sorcerer, the coal black smith who is the lover of the White Goddess who she wins in the love chase, then maims, kills and finally resurrects again. He is the father of all the gods and they are seen in him. He comes as a strong, large and burly man, bearded with a black, sooty face and a pair of ram's horns curling around his head. He is well muscled and wears a goat-skin loin cloth and buckskins. He labors over a forge, swinging his hammer against his anvil.