Guardians of The East


Lord of the East. He is called Lugh the Long Handed, or Llew Llaw Gyffes, the Celtic Sun god. He is the god of all light, knowledge, arts and crafts, and intellectual matters. His element is fire and he gives enthusiasm, enlightenment, mental agility and intelligence. He is the young King, the hero, the divine child of the Virgin Goddess. His festival is the Spring Equinox. He is pictured as a beautiful man, fair of hair and muscular, wearing red or yellow garments, also as a young warrior wearing armor and helmet and carrying a sword or spear.


Irish triple goddess of poetry, healing and smithcraft. She is the maiden, the virgin goddess, and the Muse who brings intuition, inspiration, harmony and artistic ability, and is the Patroness of all arts and crafts. She is mercurial, elusive and follows her own whim, refusing to follow rules of logic and reason. She is the new moon, the waxing moon and her festival is Imbolc. She is pictured as a young girl, small and lithe, shrouded in a dark mantle with occasional glimpses of yellow hair. She carries a lighted candle.