Guardians of the North


The Gaulish god of death and justice, also Samhain, the Irish god of the dead. He is Father Time and the god of fate who keeps the Akashic records and sees that the laws of Karma are obeyed. He is also the god of magic and the underworld who brings power and the ability to control one's own fate and that of others. His element is air and his festival is Yule or the Winter Solstice. He is pictured as a very old man, bent and withered with a long, white beard. He bears a sickle and an hourglass and wears a white robe with a tattered cloak wrapped around him to bear the cold, north wind.

The Morrigan

Irish battle goddess who chooses who will die and appears as a raven crow to pick at the corpses. She is also Morgan le Fay, King Arthur's sister and nemesis, queen of sorcery who ferried him away to the Isle of Avalon. She brings death and the understanding of death, sorcery, vengeance and sickness, but also the end of suffering and the peace of the grave. Her festival is Hallows or Samhain and she is the dark moon. She holds a knife that drips with blood in one hand and a skull in the other.