Guardians of The West


Lord of the West. He is also Nuada of the Silver Hand, or the Fisher King who is lame and cannot rule. He is also Nudd or Llyr, the god of the sea. He brings wisdom and patience obtained through suffering, perserverance, insight and justice as well as moral strength and forsight. His element is water and his festival is the Autumn Equinox. He is pictured as a middle-aged man with dark hair shot with gray with a graying beard. He wears robes of dark blue or royal purple. His eyes are sad and wise, and he leans heavily upon a staff or cane.


The goddess of the Cauldron of Inspiration and Wisdom who bore the poet Taliesin. She is the White Sow who eats her own farrow and gives them birth again. She is also the grail queen of Arthurian legend. She brings wisdom, visions, inspiration, dreams and the powers of divination. She also brings understanding and acceptance of fate, for she is the goddess of rebirth. She presides over all that has to do with deep emotions and feelings. Her festival is Lammas and she is the waning moon, or the Crone of Wisdom. She is pictured as a mature woman with dark hair flowing like waves about her shoulders. She wears a gown of the deepest blue with stars upon it. She carries a large chalice filled with the Aqua Vitae or waters of life which she pours out to all.