Guardians of The South


Lord of the South. He is the horned god of the forest and animals and he brings desire, lust, potency, fertility, and sensual pleasures as well as the joy of living, a sense of humor and laughter. His element is earth, and he is the consort of the great Earth Mother. He presides over revelries, matings and things having to do with animals. He brings the ecstacy of orgasm and intoxication. His festival is Midsummer or Summer Solstice. He is pictured as a well built man with stag's antlers, cloven hooves and erect penis. He wears animal skins and carries a wine skin and a harp or pipes.


She is the love goddess who lures the love-struck poet to the Summerland where he lives in bliss for three hundred years. She is also the Earth Mother who lusts after her consort and brings forth all living things. She brings desire, fertility, pleasure and sensuality and is the primal female. She gives prosperity, success and material pleasures. She is the full moon who nourishes her children with her breast milk. Her festival is Beltaine. She is pictured as a very beautiful red-haired woman, dressed in a green gown and wearing flowers in her hair. She is obviously pregnant. She comes riding a white unicorn.